Healthy Planet, Healthy Youth

Healthy Planet, Healthy Youth (HPHY) aims to investigate, implement and evaluate strategies for food waste reduction and food recovery in Northern Colorado public schools while concomitantly improving student diet quality. These aims will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Understand stakeholders’ facilitators and barriers to food waste reduction in the school meal program, including opportunities for policy change
  • Leverage the growing consumer interest in sustainable food systems to reduce food waste and increase student consumption of school meals, especially vegetables, among middle school students
  • Identify opportunities for food rescue and other ways to prevent landfill disposal of food

HPHY is informed by the Healthy Planet, Healthy Youth Steering Committee, which includes staff from the Colorado Department of Education, Greeley-Evans School District, Poudre School District, Thompson School District, and CSU Extension, as well as CSU faculty in the Departments of Agriculture and Resource Economics, Biology, Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Psychology, and the Colorado School of Public Health.

Current HPHY initiatives include in-depth interviews of local nutrition services directors and kitchen mangers, school kitchen and cafeteria observations, and student focus groups.

HPHY is funded by the Colorado School of Public Health.

For more information, please contact Melissa Pflugh Prescott (